Friday, May 19, 2006

Safely down.

We did not go down to c2 as planned.The weather closed in and we wer tired,so slept at high camp[8300m].Left next morning afer packing up camp.Arrived at c2 to find our tent full of Russians.Packed up c2 and proceeded down to abc.We found a climber above c2 not hooked in and wandering about in a daze.Blair short roped him down to c2 safely.We wer met down low by our cook boy,who was worried and came out to meet us.He carried our duffle bags into abc.We had a big dinner and had our summit cake.There was lots of hugging and even a few tears.Tashi heard we were back and came over to help us celebrate.Now back to Kathmandu for a free meal and big party for us all at Rumdoodle.Thanks for your support,and Blair will give a more detailed report when he has time . Blair via Roger.


Blogger Vxx said...

great to hear you got back down safely

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